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San Jose SaberCats [PAST]

SaberKittens during the pregame festivities.
Nathan Stanley (#10-QB-SJS) throws a pass in the first half.

(See the photo above published in The Spartan Daily article on 3/24/2014.)

Reggie Gray (#1-WR-SJS) returns the kickoff for a touchdown in the 4th Quarter.
Rich Ranglin (#64-OL-SJS) runs with the ball, and gives a stiff arm to the ARI defender during the 4th Quarter.
Nathan Stanley (#10-QB-SJS) makes the play calls at the line during the 3rd Quarter.
Kerry Reed (#15-WR-ARI) runs with the ball, and just short of a touchdown at the end of the 2nd Quarter.
Maurice Purify (#2-WR-ARI) catches a touchdown pass at the end of the 4th Quarter.
Reggie Gray (#1-WR-SJS) runs for a touchdown in the second half.
Nathan Stanley (#10-QB-SJS) drops back to throw a pass in the second half.
SaberCats fan is super happy because he just caught a football, and gets to keep it in the second half.

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